Monday, 11 February 2008


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The Mayan city was quite lost amidst the foliage. We found a Ball Court, ruined walls, carved and decorated stelae, pyramids and altars. The site was occupied much later than other sites in the region and some of the late stelae show distinct influences of highland Mexican style. Left to our own device for a while we discovered in a clearing a circular platform with the base of a rectangular building on top.

Ball court, Seibal, still to be restored
Model of the site of Seibal
Structure with stela in front, perhaps Temple A3, Seibal
Stela, perhaps of Aj B'olon Haab'tal, 849AD
Corbelled arch in structure in Seibal
Portrait of ruler wearing Chaac mask, Seibal
Stela showing influence of central Mexico, Seibal
Stela in the jungle, Seibal
Structure in jungle clearing, Seibal
Stela showing central Mexican influence, Seibal